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  • Registration (The contest is open to both industry and academia.)

Target Platform

The 2022 contest will use the Ultra 96 v2 development board.

You should use the PYNQ 2.7 image, available at Direct download link.

Legacy Ultra96v1 Support

In 2019, we used the Ultra96 v1 board. If you have this board, you may choose to continue to use it instead of purchasing a v2 board (or you may use both for your testing); however, you should be aware of the potential issues:

  • The WiFi module and the power regulators on the board have changed, which will likely result in different power usage measurements than an identical design running on the v2 board.
  • The Ultra96v1 board typically shipped with a 2A power supply; however, if your design uses multiple software cores plus substantial amount of FPGA fabric, this may not be sufficient. A larger 4A power supply can be purchased from AVNET for $19.99.

Contest Framework

The base design framework is provided here: This repository contains specifications for how your design should connect to our testing infrastructure.

Training Dataset

Link to download training dataset:

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous Contest Winning Designs

Q&A Platform

We will be using Piazza as a Q&A platform for the contest. Sign up using this link: